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Stage & Shop For Domino Magazine

Stage and Shop for Domino Magazine is an example of the TagX partnership.  TagX is an integrated platform that was developed as a white-label product giving retailers the ability to track consumer impressions and behavior using specific customized data points. This information is then correlated into analytics, adding value to each customer interaction. Retailers can closely observe and track consumer trends, identify the shopper and where they are from  perhaps even influences market values and more. 

Domino Magazine along with several major big-box retailers, interior designers partnered with the PlanX team to form Stage & Shop For Domino Magazine. The first-ever shoppable home in the Hamptons. This contextualized shopping experience presented retailers with alternative ways to allow consumers to scan, save, share, shop their products in a beautifully designed home, Instead of relying on traditional retail methods. This marketing platform leverages real-time signals of intent from this data at the moment when customers choose to interact with the brand. In addition, marketers can view the customer journey beyond the traditional constraints of the retailers website, magazine pages, social media and more. 

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