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Getty Images / Reportage

Getty Images Reportage division publishes, curates and licenses news stories of its award-winning photojournalists. They commissioned DevX to design and build their publishing platform that centrally houses all digital assets within its content management system. This system allows Getty editors to write, edit, and layout each of its features in an individualized custom format and publishes live in the digital and print-ready form at will, providing a web interface with innovative, intuitive user experience. 


Due to the client's unique requirements, DevX delivered a full-featured publishing platform. The project scope included the platform coupled with the front-end website design with an easy-to-use interface and scalable functionality guarantees optimal real estate use focused on editorial content discovery and management of licensed content life-cycle.  Additionally, the publishing platform allows Photojournalists to upload real-time stories, from viewfinder to the editorial desk, to the cloud wherever they are in the world. This feature enabled the editor to access assets locally, create and publish embedded Magazine & Newspaper formats onto its website and go live with the story at hand.


DevX team receives high praise for their visionary work by streamlining the workflow and empowering the Getty photographers and publishers. 


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