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Elsevier's product team engaged first with PlanX division to blueprint the business and marketing analysis for their Reaxys product.  The DevX team used this blueprint to create a marketing tool and refactor the user journey to simplify and enhance the Reaxys workflow solution, which involves chemistry data, features, and functionality focused on chemical compound synthesis.   This marketing tool addresses branding, and organizational challenges, where DevX designed and developed an interactive demonstration allowing visitors to gain a deep appreciation for the platform features extending enhancements to a publicly facing web interface.  


Furthermore, DevX took on the challenge and developed refinements to the platform workflow by leveraging expert system and natural language based interactions, resulting in minimizing the discovery process and simplifying the user experience. 


The sales and marketing awareness tool exceeded expectations by providing a guided tour of the latest features and reducing the demand for an in-person demonstration by Elsevier's specialized sales team. 


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