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AT&T Digital Life

AT&T DigitalLife engaged with the DevX teams to conceptualize, design, and develop the customer-facing full stack, including the front-end and the underlying code logic for remote monitoring & automation platforms.  Application's core features enabled subscribers to be notified of events and remotely control their home's energy & security systems via web and mobile.  

DevX developed a digital ecosystem including tying together products and services fully managed by the AT&T product team in which devices and related services are added or updated on the DigitalLife platform for public education or pushed as an upsell opportunity for their subscribers. These efforts resulted in engineering the state-of-the-art AI engine with a streamlined interactive presentation for DigitalLife services. The interactive shopping project required a ground-up build that integrated with AT&T Security, Ops, .com, IT & Wireless, back-office systems including wireless service activation, scheduler, billing, e-commerce & a full range of company services: catalogs, installation scheduling, services availability qualifier, marketing rules engine, authentication/authorization systems, & payment services.

DevX team is proud to be an integrated partner in the AT&T DigitalLife opportunity and be able to deliver to AT&T project management teams on time and under budget.  


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